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Electric lighting hexapod dancing robot

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"Zivko the Robot is an intelligent Hexiped robot.

This STEM robot is a great introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Zivko has two function modes:

Follow or Explore. In ""Follow"" mode, Zivko follows whoever approaches it and acts like an obedient pet.In ""Explore"" mode, Zivko can avoid obstacles and find a new route to explore. This STEM toy offers an exciting sound, light effects, and even develops its own emotions and gestures.

Try to challenge Zivko and figure out what it can do. Create a maze for it to navigate and watch it explore! Elenco Teach products are based on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to teach and encourage kids in their development, all while having fun! All Teach Tech Green-Energy robots are powered by either water, wind, or sun, so there are no batteries required.

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Product Name: Electric lighted hexapod dancing robot

Packing: sealed color box

Product color: red, yellow, white

Color box size: 14*14*17.5CM

Single box weight: 334g (including color box)


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