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Statue of the Virgin of the Birth of Jesus

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Statue of the Virgin of the Birth of Jesus

These beautifully detailed and life-like figures are made of cast resin and are designed to capture the joy of the Holy Family. The realism of Joseph's loving expression and the angelic serenity of Mary as she gazes on the newborn Jesus bring the reality and beauty of Christmas to life. 

Christmas bells come from the air

   ringing in the dark night

   knock down the stars

   waking up the sleeping soul

   now and now

   just stop at the door of my heart

   When, when, when

   Are snowflakes falling from the sky?

   These notes from the sky full of love

   is a hymn from God to us

   is a Christmas gift from God

   raised his head and stretched out his hands to catch it happily

   catch this holy water from the sky

   my dear lord

   From the day I met you

   you keep washing me with this holy water

   wash my eyes, my body, my soul

   This water comes from the Jordan River

   That day

   You stand humbly in the water

   Let John baptize you

   Yes, it is the water

   it spreads over my feet and my limbs

   my neck and the top of my head

   drown me in the boundless happiness

   how warm and wonderful

   it is full of every cell of mine

   activates every nerve in me

   Since then

   it changed me to another person

   a Christian you please

  The living water of life gushes out of my belly

   those notes that sing you and praise you

   like the waves of the sea blooming in the desert

   my dear lord, today

   We weak children

   sit around you for your birthday

   Commemorate that 2000 years ago

   The little baby born in the manger

  We come from different corners

   but they all walked into you from the same place

   That is a deserted spiritual wilderness

   we can't find home

   We are wandering orphans

   how many Christmas nights

   We are wandering in the streets

   We are feasting

   caress my pale soul

   waiting for those bright red wounds

   heal in the wasted time

   We used to cry and search

   anxiously waiting

   longing to return, longing to save

   Finally, the light came in

   A voice echoed above the head

   "I am the light of the world

   Those who obey me will not walk in the dark

   must have the light of life"

   You picked us back and took us in

   Since then we have a home

   Have a warm and bright home

   Yes, I have been home this Christmas

   I have so many dear brothers and sisters

  The prodigal son finally turned around

   Dear Lord Jesus

   you know i'm a sinner

   I am a bad boy with countless mistakes

   But you still took me in

  I can't speak in the endless gratitude

   There are only tears like streams

   continuously flowing

   you gave me too much

   I give too little, too little

  The grace of the spring can only be reported by dripping water

   My life is yours

   I know I have wasted too much

   Take all the rest

   on this night

   in this festival that belongs to you only

   I want to tell you

   Lord, I love you so so so

   let me be near you

   let me worship you

   let me dedicate myself to you

   Heaven and Earth

   Life and death accompanied



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